Looking For A Fun Online Shopping Experience in Italy? A lifesaver for those who live in Italy!

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Hello Shoppers!

Exciting Announcement!

brand new shopping  experience for italy italian customers general  store amazon bestsellers

A General Store Online Website For Italians! A lifesaver for those who live  in Italy!


We would like to make a quick announcement regarding the recent partnership with this Italian online store that is also amazon-affiliate website. A cool new discovery and invaluable lifesaver for those who are residing in Italy who's looking for a trustworthy, quick, and secure online shopping experience for general products.

Are you the type of customer who like to do thorough research and read all the reviews before buying a product? Are you the type of customer who only want to spend your hard earned money on the best quality products at the most competitive lowest possible rates? Do you want things to be delivered literally "now" and you want excellent and professional responsive almost 24/7 customer service? If all your answers is "yes", then this website is definitely designed just for you!

Are you from Italy, France or Spain?

We recently are expanding our customers and clientele to Italy, France and Spain in Europe and we are collaborating with this Italian general online store. We are putting our online ads on this site that carries products from Amazon-Italy. So, don't be surprised when you see our ads on this website. Feel free to shop around on this general online store - website as well if you are from Italy as it carries a wide range of electronics, fashion apparel, kitchen goods, stationary, printing goods, handmade goods and more.


What you can get!

An easy, safe, and efficient professional online shopping experience for home goods and more...

italy ecommerce marketing usa american shopping market


An amazing assortment of all the millions of the bestselling products on Amazon-Italy. You can easily find what you need on google and check out through our affiliate links. Feel free to let us know what you think about our sites  and we are constantly helping to improve your shopping experience online. We understand that stores tend to close super early in Europe especially in Italy and France. A lot of stores don't even open on a lot of week days and it's not always that easy to go from one place to the next living in Europe. It's hard to not be able to have what you need at times.

italy ecommerce marketing usa american shopping market

So, we are here to make things much easier for you all for those who are currently living and working in Italy. We are trying to provide a similar US shopping experience for those who live in Italy as well. You are going to love this website if you are an American working and living in Italy and want to find what you need with great ease with the comfort of your own home. With the help of the internet age these days, it's way easier relocating and moving to Italy than it was a decade ago.

italian online shopping amazon general store

Italy is super exciting and you can go from Firenze/ Florence to Milan/ Milano, Rome with just a train ride away. And Venice is also very fun to visit if you get a chance. You can also travel all across Europe on trains easily. Lots of walking is to be expected living in Italy. Always travel light and protect yourself and your belongings along the way.

italy ecommerce marketing usa american shopping market

Having lived in Italy, and Spain before, we all understand how the pace of living is much slower and more relaxed than what we are used to in the USA. Back in the day, there was no Airbnb and living and renting a place in Italy or Spain presents a huge challenge already. With all the possible language barrier and cultural shock, it's not always so easy adjusting to a new way of life in Italy. So, we are presenting this website that can drastically make your life in Italy much easier. Please also be aware that in order to use this website, it's necessary that you need to have a basic to intermediate understanding of the Italian language as this site is targeted for mainly Italian customers who are living in Italy. italy ecommerce marketing usa american shopping market

Tons of American are moving, studying and working in Italy daily. There's a huge Italian American population in the USA as well. Tons of Italians have families in  the USA who still need and want to buy and shop online. There's a lot of need for those Italians who like to pursue the American kind of eCommerce shopping experience in Italy. Online shopping is yet to get more widespread in Italy and there's much potential for our Italian market. So, we are happy to announce this website for those living in Italy. 



Life is already stressful and hectic enough and we want to improve your general quality of life and provide a tool that allows you to sit at home and find what you need online instead. We want you to be able to easily find what you need online, safely checkout via amazon, and save yourself time and energy and a trip to find things in stores.

italian online shopping amazon general store

Enjoy the fast efficient safe checkout just like when you are living in the USA and enjoy the top notch shopping experience in Italy. Amazon will handle all your shipments and payment options and allow you to shop with ease.

Items that this store carries:

Ways to use this website:

Although you can easily land on this website when you search for items that you need on google.com, you can also land directly on this website and search for what you need.

Here's how you can do it.


Search alphabetically from the bar on the left and find what you need asap.

italian shopping online store general


Or you can also find by categories and find what you need.

italian online  shopping website amazon affliate

For instance, you can find all the women's bras under the bra category on this site. 

Click down below:


bra womens italy shopping ecommerce blog shopper

Don't be surprised if you can see our ads on this website as well as we are currently promoting our ads on this cool Italian online website.

How to checkout?

Very easy, simply click on the title (on left) or the thumbnail image (on right) and check out via amazon.com

italian online shopping easy checkout

As easy as that, checkout with the orange button as usual and let amazon handle the rest.

italian shopping ecommerce shop website

Now, click on link below and check out more products now!


Don't forget to reach out to us if you have any issues navigating this cool Italian general store website and we will redirect to you to speak with the right team in charge.


We are currently doing some testings and are actively advertising with this cool new Italian website and so don't be surprised when you see our ads on this website.

italian consumer goods sites amazon checkout safe online shopping

We are an indirect affiliate of this shop and we can connect you to this Italian website if you are interested in learning more. Enjoy your shopping today! Buy more, enjoy life, save time, while limited supplies last today!

Click on the links below to learn more about this exciting new site.



brand new shopping  experience for italy italian customers general  store amazon bestsellers

Enjoy your shopping today if you are in Italy!

If you are not from Italy, don't worry. 

We got lots of other sites that operate in Canada, France, Germany, and Spain that may serve you as well!

Please see below!

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