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Always Trust Your Gut - Important Life Lessons from Yoga Practice - Our Meditative Yoga Journal

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Always Trust Your Gut - Important Life Lessons from Yoga Practice - Our Meditative Yoga Journal

Our goal of this yoga journal or yoga blog is to create high quality yoga philosophy content and create a friendly community of people who love yoga and meditation.

Today's yoga / meditation class is about trusting your gut. (You can click on each image to check out.)

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There are many medical researches that show that our gut can react more quickly than our overall body and our head. So, the gut is actually the first point of response we get when we react to a certain situation/ environment/ a person. Haven't you experienced a time when you received a bad job offer from a low budget firm that no one from the industry has heard of. The company seemed to produce work that's below par. You weren't sure if you should take on the offer and take such an expensive risky move and relocate for the job because the pay seemed decent but with no basic health insurance. Plus, the working conditions and locations weren't that great either? Your gut tells you that something is off, and may not pay off in the long run. And you don't know what you should do?

Or, it could be as simple as to decide whether or not you should eat that ice-cream bar or just eat a fresh apple for dessert tonight after a long day of work. Would you rather eat that ice-cream bar and put your long term health at risk or an apple that can be better for your health in the long run? Your gut is always telling you what's right, or better for you to do instead. It's your guarding angel and shield you from dangers of the world.

Through our experiences to different life situations, we can collection a pattern of behavior, or simply put, a certain vibe along the way. Always listen to the little tiny whispers in your ears, trust your own instincts. It's not always about following your heart or your mind. We should all follow our gut first because our gut can tell us more than our mind/ heart.

The gut. The gut is the voice from our soul. It's the little tiny whispers from your soul. Follow your intuition and your gut because they will lead you to making your best judgements while you are on your way to achieving your dreams.

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So, how do yoginis and yogis find your way to get closer to trusting in our gut instincts? Yes, you are right. It's through meditation.

(You can click on each image to check out.)

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Our 20 minute Morning Routine:

To meditate is to be non-reactive to the things or people or the noise that's surrounding you. If you are a Christian, that's like praying to God to receive wisdom and guidance. If you are a yogi, you meditate just to calm down. It doesn't always have to be an overly religious act as it's just a way to calm down and sort out the priorities in your life before you start out your day.

This is how we like to meditate as yogis and yoginis:

16 Ways to Meditate at Home

    1. Put on your casual leggings or yoga pants
    2. Wear yoga bra with your yoga tees and tanks
    3. Clear out the clutter and make room for your yoga mat.
    4. Spread out a nice yoga mat on the floor in your living room.
    5. Sit on a block/ a pillow if you have one.
    6. Close your eyes and cross your legs.
    7. Rest your palms on your thighs.
    8. Press your palms down to feel more grounded.
    9. Open your palms up to receive more energies.
    10. Play some meditation on your phone app.
    11. Enjoy your zen time and get in touch with your soul.
    12. Think of 10 things you feel grateful for.
    13. Think of 1 person you want to dedicate this practice to today. It can be a loved one, your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ your mom/ your dad/ your best friends/ or your pet..etc.
    14. Think of 1 thing you can't control and think of all the traumatic events in your life that you need to forgive, take the lesson and let go of. Exhale and let go of your past, and Inhale in your future and all the good things that are supposed to come into your life.
    15. Pray for the world and the ones who are less fortunate than you. It could be the people suffering in war or the people suffering in famine and incurable diseases.
    16. Remind yourself how fortunate you are at this stage of your life and that you are enough. You tried enough and you are good enough. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.16 proven Ways to Meditate at Home


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