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Bestselling Designer Luxury Best Men's Leggings Compression Tights/ Joggers/ Briefs/ Shorts You Must Buy Today!

Men's Fashion Men's Joggers Men's Leggings Online Shopping Shop Update

Bestselling Designer Luxury Best Men's Leggings Compression Tights/ Joggers/ Briefs/ Shorts You Must Buy Today!

Bestselling Designer Luxury Best Men's Leggings Compression Tights/ Joggers/ Underwear You Must Buy Today! 

mens leggings joggers underwear best one you can buy online today

Here's an exciting blog post showcasing our bestselling men's joggers. men's leggings, men's shorts, and men's boxers and briefs and how we got started. We never appeared on Shark Tank before but we do make sales. We are an actual already established online business with a valid phone number and email address you can reach at any time and we will also get back to you at our earliest convenience. We understand how annoying it could get when you don't get a phone number you can reach when you have questions with your orders, so we always give out our phone number to our customers. We enjoy speaking to you and hearing about your comments or taking suggestions for our products.

We understand that it's a bit risky to shop online so we like to give you a kind introduction of our company history and how we got started into what we are doing right now. With the current pandemic, a lot of people are losing their jobs and thinking of starting an online shop. But we started way earlier than that and it's not a rash decision but we have come a really long way and have no plan to cease producing more designs and products to you all.

Here's what we learned after being in business for quite some time from 2014 to mid-2020. We started with literally nothing, with not much startup money, as a group of starving artists/ designers. What truly drive us to succeed with an empty stomach, strong ambition to succeed and share the kind of art/ design we love with the rest of the world. We do not start this business purely for money and will not ever want to have to sell this business for profit either. We started this business because we want to find ways to share our love for good designs and taste for high art with the ones who also appreciate our work in the high art and design community.

Back in around 2012, we started with a small tiny audience on Facebook and then grew our Instagram page. Then, an Etsy shop came after we realized that artists on Instagram are able to add a Etsy shop link on their Instagram profile. We then also started an Etsy shop and learned how to start a business with a lot of thorough research, trial and error. Soon, we are able to set up our own shop policies and terms of business and learned how to sell almost any products online.

We learned to be very disciplined and organized even though we are very creative artists. We learned about marketing, blogging, and even YouTubing. We now have over 12k subscribers from a handful of subscribers on YouTube within a really short period of time as in a couple of months. The YouTube "Gods" seem to like us and we are super creative and also realized the great potential of YouTube. There's a common trend that a lot of Ecommerce shops are using YouTube to market their products on YouTube as the platform is free to use and we can also add a link for you to checkout our products online.

All in all, we are a group of designers/ artists who have a creative mind and a keen eye for spotting fashion trends and artistic patterns who are somehow also able to sell our own designs to the public with the use of technology. Our shoppers seem to like what we create. Some of our shoppers also include the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles and our leggings are fearlessly designed and are often used as unique party costumes on major national TV shows.

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Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Coverings You Must Have Right Now

Coronavirus Covid-19 Face Masks Health Lifestyle Men's Fashion Neck Gaiters Online Shopping Shop Update Wellness Women's Fashion

Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Coverings You Must Have Right Now

Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Cloth Coverings You Must Have Right Now

You do not have to sacrifice your sense of style and fashion while trying to protect yourself during the pandemic season. Notice that these face masks are non-medical face masks and they are merely for decorative purposes only. There has been a lot of shortages for surgical face masks and the N95 masks for medical workers on the front line dealing with the COVID-19 patients from day in and day out currently. So here we are addressing where you can purchase non-medical face masks and mouth/ neck/ face cloth coverings online from our shop.

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9 Best Cute Kids Fashion Styling Tips for your cute baby boys, girls, and infants this season

Kid's Fashion Kid's Leggings Kid's Swimsuits Moms and Dads Online Shopping

9 Best Cute Kids Fashion Styling Tips for your cute baby boys, girls, and infants this season

Kids Fashion Styling Tips for your girls this season for new moms and dads that will change your kid's life! 

How to make your kids look extra cute and adorable this season?

Keeping It Real! 

We enjoy shopping for our kids and giving them the best we can offer for our beloved children. Our kids are the little angels and the tiny miniature versions of ourselves. So, time to mix and match the look with our kids. We got matching dad and mom's child's kid's leggings and swimsuits for your on our website.

The reality is that the weather is getting colder and you would rather stay home this winter season with your kids and husband this season if you can. It's snowy outside and you are already exhausted from work and your kid's school. What's better to do that to stay home and do some online kid's shopping this winter season? It's really hard to find safe and high quality kid's clothing online. If you go for great value kid's clothing at big box stores in your neighborhood, you can never really know if there're made of safe inks for your kid's sensitive skin. So, we have done a lot of investigations and found a local production facility that had passed the basic safety tests for product safety for your kids.

We need more premium high quality Kid's Clothing!

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Quick Shop Update: How the Coronavirus Outbreak could impact our shop and your orders?

Coronavirus Covid-19 Health Men's Fashion Men's Shoes Online Shopping Shoes Shop Update Wellness Women's Fashion Women's Shoes

Quick Shop Update: How the Coronavirus Outbreak could impact our shop and your orders?

Quick Shop Update: How the recent Coronavirus Outbreak would impact our shop

We would like to provide a quick update onto how the coronavirus would impact our shop and how it would mean for your orders.

For customers who wish to order our men's and ladies' shoes such as winter boots, sneakers, and high heels, we sincerely apologize that they would be paused at the moment. Luckily, we already deactivated all our listings for men's and ladies shoes before any new orders came in. The reason why is because we have most of our shoes produced/ shipped from China, except some flip flops, and our shoe factory in China is currently closed. At the moment, we still have not received any notifications onto when the shoe factory would reopen. If you are interested in any of our shoes, you can reach out to us about which shoes you like to order if you saw them on Pinterest/ Facebook. We can send you a checkout link once the shoe factory reopens as soon as possible.

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11 Reasons Why Women Wear High Heels Stilettos Pumps Shoes? Sexy High Heels Showcase!

High Heels Lifestyle Online Shopping Shoe Lovers Shop Update

11 Reasons Why Women Wear High Heels Stilettos Pumps Shoes? Sexy High Heels Showcase!

11 Reasons Why Women Wear High Heels Stilettos Pumps Shoes?

Are you those women who have an entire commercial size shoe rack full of high heels and sneakers at home? Does your shoe rack look like the industrial grade shoe racks at the major department stores? If that's a yes, then you maybe a heel addict/ shoe lover. In this blog, we are going to investigate why women like heels so much and these may be the reasons behind it.

When you go on Instagram, you can find tons of cool and sexy fashion bloggers on Instagram featuring women who would splurge hundreds and even thousands buying high heels and shoes. A lot of high end department shops or shoe stores are selling these heels like stocks. All these women shoppers would spend whatever amount of money if they can find a pair of high heels that can match with their fashion outfits. They could be looking for a pair of every day heels for work, or a pastel solid color or floral rose pair of bridal heels for a wedding or plaid heels for a Christmas party or a Church event. There are also tons of women who are looking for solid color high heels for their bride maids to complete their wedding looks as a bridal team.

1. A high achiever/ perfectionist

They are high achievers or perfectionists. These women are likely to be willing to spend over $100 USD on their dragon long acrylic or gel manicure every other week. They like to wear hair extensions, or nail extensions and also false/ fake eyelashes or even go under the knife to look flawless. They may have a really rich husband so they don't have to do any hard work and can walk in these beautiful high heels daily. These women may also have a driver that drive them around town so they can walk in these sky high heels daily. These women want every thing to be perfect and they want the best for everything and they also have a very deep wallet for that kind of luxury lifestyle.

2. Attention Seekers

These women may be attention seekers and like to look extravagant and are looking for a suitable partner. When you wear high heels, your walk suddenly become so different and your hips turn more to give you that extra hip movement. This can drive male attention. To feel sexy, they wear these high heels to attend events such as a date, or at a rave party/ night club event.

3. Big City Girl

Maybe she's a big city girl who lives in the big apple such as New York City. Many New York women really love to wear heels and would be able to even walk miles in these 4 inch heels because they want to look perfect.

4. High Fashion Industry

Maybe she's a model or a stylist who work in the high fashion industry. She is constantly under pressure to look her best and put up a full face of makeup to greet her clients. In high fashion, women are expected to wear pointy shoes and heels to elevate their height.

5. She's Short

Maybe she's only 5'-1" tall and want to gain those two extra inches to look a bit taller. Short women have a tendency to wear really tall high heels so they can regain their self-confidence in these heels. Heels can be so magical and it has this energy that can elevate someone's look drastically though she might be wearing something plain.

6. Special Event

Maybe she's at a look to impress special event such as graduation, wedding, job interview, baby shower...etc. Women are expected to wear a some heels at special events just as men are expected to wear a tie at special events to show their respect for someone or an organization.

7. Fashion Statement

To make a fashion statement with their outfits. They may want to mix and match their dress or gown with the same color or style of shoes to complete a look in a coherent way.

8. To Show Off Her Wealth

High heels can be a status symbol as they can be quite expensive. High heels are expensive to make and showing that you can afford a certain brand new of high heels is almost like showing the world you can afford to buy a lot of designer brand new luxury handbags. Many women like to compare with each other and use these heels to show off their husband's wealth against each other.

9. To Make Their Legs Look Longer

Your legs can look longer when you wear high heels for sure. For those ladies who have shorter legs, high heels are life savers as they can make your legs look much longer and more flattering. As, short looking legs don't look all that great in high fashion when most fashion models have long legs and that's the beauty standard to be looking tall and rather thin these days. It's unfortunate how the high fashion industry make a lot of women feel bad as most people don't look like the fashion models that are over 5'-11" tall with the perfect face or body. But fashion is slowly changing to be more inclusive to people of different shapes, sizes, and skin color these days. Regardless, these killer high heels are therefore life saver and can improve the appearance of your legs.

10. She is a Heel Art Collector or Potential Hoarder/ Shopping Addict

They are heel addicts who are heel collectors. High heels are a sculptural piece of art that are wearable and functional. Some people like to collect wine or art, and some people like to hoard their heels/ shoes. Some men are into collecting limited editions street wear designer sneakers, running shoes, and hats. Some women are into collecting branded high heels and would even buy the same pair of high heels in all different rainbow colors to match with their outfits. She has a high heel collection at her home closet and she might have a shopping addiction and have a tendency to impulse shop when they find heels.

11. She's a serial online dater

Maybe she's a serial online dater who really enjoy going online and meeting different men and need these fancy high heels on those dates? When women are on the first date, they all want to dress to impress and look their best. Therefore, these killer platform high heels are essential to look fabulous on these dates. A lot of women with disposable income are willing to spend whatever to find true love and look their best. It's funny as there's even a research that shows that a woman would still invest a lot of effort to look best even if she's not interested in the date. Most women really care about how they look as a lot of women feel judged by their appearance. Just make sure you ladies choose a pair of high heels that won't make you look taller than your date as many men out there are very vertically challenged and do lie about their heights online these days so you won't make them feel so bad about themselves.

Last but not least.. But what are trending women's high heels?

Style alert? So your question maybe that what's trending this season? Many women are looking for animal print heels and plaid heels. But seems like many are really looking for more solid color high heels and something plain to not overtake their outfit. Our general style tip is that, if you are wearing a patterned shirt or dress, then don't wear a loud patterned pair of heels. If you are wearing a patterned heels, then wear something plain on your top and bottom outfits. We always want to create a sense of contrast and balance in a look to stay classy. Having a look with too much going on can make one look cheap or trashy. So, we want to stay away from that.



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We hope you all have a fun and safe Christmas holiday this 2019. Don't forget to dress up your house with our Christmas party decor and also dress up yourself in our fun Christmas outfits this holiday season! 

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