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Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Coverings You Must Have Right Now

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Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Coverings You Must Have Right Now

Must Have Non-Medical Face Masks Scarves Mouth Face Cloth Coverings You Must Have Right Now

You do not have to sacrifice your sense of style and fashion while trying to protect yourself during the pandemic season. Notice that these face masks are non-medical face masks and they are merely for decorative purposes only. There has been a lot of shortages for surgical face masks and the N95 masks for medical workers on the front line dealing with the COVID-19 patients from day in and day out currently. So here we are addressing where you can purchase non-medical face masks and mouth/ neck/ face cloth coverings online from our shop.

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Quick Shop Update: How the Coronavirus Outbreak could impact our shop and your orders?

Coronavirus Covid-19 Health Men's Fashion Men's Shoes Online Shopping Shoes Shop Update Wellness Women's Fashion Women's Shoes

Quick Shop Update: How the Coronavirus Outbreak could impact our shop and your orders?

Quick Shop Update: How the recent Coronavirus Outbreak would impact our shop

We would like to provide a quick update onto how the coronavirus would impact our shop and how it would mean for your orders.

For customers who wish to order our men's and ladies' shoes such as winter boots, sneakers, and high heels, we sincerely apologize that they would be paused at the moment. Luckily, we already deactivated all our listings for men's and ladies shoes before any new orders came in. The reason why is because we have most of our shoes produced/ shipped from China, except some flip flops, and our shoe factory in China is currently closed. At the moment, we still have not received any notifications onto when the shoe factory would reopen. If you are interested in any of our shoes, you can reach out to us about which shoes you like to order if you saw them on Pinterest/ Facebook. We can send you a checkout link once the shoe factory reopens as soon as possible.

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How to dress with style as a gay man in men's leggings, sneakers, fanny packs, and neckties..?

Fanny Packs Men's Joggers Men's Neckties Men's Shorts Men's Sneakers mens fashion Packaging

How to dress with style as a gay man in men's leggings, sneakers, fanny packs, and neckties..?

Our Mens Fashion Brand New Joggers Men's Leggings Men's Sneakers, Fanny Packs, and More Product Release

It has been the 3rd year since our clothing brand website has launched and we have now been focusing on this online shop to provide quality fashionable  athleisure clothing apparel for both men and women. We originally focused mostly on women's fashion but we are slowly adding more and more stylish men's fashion items onto our website as we do see that the market is craving for more unique men's fashion item that is much harder to find at the normal big box stores. Moreover, since our men's fashion designs are quite radical, a lot of our buyers do purchase our items for costume parties, TV shows, music festivals, rock music concerts. A lot of male customers are from all walks of life and they are mostly prominent and successful musicians, celebrities, fitness trainers, journalists, famous bloggers, surgeons, lawyers, real estate agents and more. We are mostly known for our unconventional designer men's leggings and men's low top and high top men's sneakers tennis shoes.

In order to better control the quality of our items, we are starting to selectively pick orders and have them shipped to our office to repackage first before we send the goods to our end customers. Therefore, the shipping times might be a bit longer than it will usually take. If you need to rush the orders, don't forget to add that to the 'notes' session in the checkout page and we will ship directly to you as needed. We are constantly striving our best to improve your shopping experience.

Check out our special gift packaging here for selected items:

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10 Essential Fun Must Have Best Halloween Party Items That You Will Absolutely Need This 2019!

Halloween Halloween Outfits Halloween Party Decor Home Decor Men's Underwear mens fashion Women's Fashion Women's Undewear

10 Essential Fun Must Have Best Halloween Party Items That You Will Absolutely Need This 2019!

Halloween Season! Is your home or office ready for Halloween celebrations yet?

Halloween pumpkin face undies womens underwear sexy funny

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halloween pumpkin fashion home decor goods

Halloween can be so much more fun when you are very engaged and really try to dress up yourself and your home during the party season. It could be for that specific office party, that romantic date, that kid's Halloween trick or treat party, that family gathering for Halloween. Having something to look forward to and celebrate a special fun Halloween party holiday season can be so fun and essential for everyone's happiness.

Halloween Season! Is your home or office ready for Halloween celebrations yet?

Trick or treat? Click here to see all our Halloween party goods!

It's almost October 31st, 2019 again! A lot of moms are looking for Halloween party decor for their homes and offices. Lots of college/ high school Halloween parties are also happening soon! We are offering Halloween bathmats, Halloween sneakers, boots, underwear, pencil skirts, and leggings this Halloween season for our customers this holiday season!

halloween festival supplies outfit look party trick or treat look

1. Halloween Bath Mats

Are you a soccer mom who's hosting your kid's Halloween parties at your house this party season? These Halloween Bath Mats make a home so much more complete and festive this Halloween party season. Get one now while limited supplies last today! BUY NOW

halloween orange bats bath mats

These orange bats print bath mats are a classic Halloween party essential for your home/ office this year. BUY NOW

purple bats bath mat halloween party

These purple Halloween party bath mats are also very trendy and fund for your kid's bathroom decor this season. BUY NOW

2. Sexy Fun Women's Pumpkin Face Funny Underwear BUY HERE

Halloween pumpkin face undies womens underwear sexy funny

There's so much fun in dressing up from inside out? BUY HERE

Halloween pumpkin face undies womens underwear sexy funnyCheck out these's sexy and funny Halloween Party women's undies and have fun with your significant other this Halloween post-party in the bedroom.


Halloween bats print gray undies womens underwear sexy funny

Check out these classic gray flying bats Halloween printed party panties this Halloween season for all the party-loving ladies out there. BUY HERE

Check out all our new collections of brand new trendy women's underwear collection here today. https://heidikimurart.com/collections/womens-underwear

3. Men's pumpkin face Halloween party underwear 


You can't miss out on these funny men's undies for Halloween parties. Get one now for your spouse or bf this Halloween season! BUY HERE


Check out the rest of our unique one of a kind fashionable LGBTQ-friendly men's underwear collection here. BUY NOW 

Or maybe you prefer something more basic and funny.

mens halloween pumpkin face underwear boxer

It's a funny glowing pumpkin face in the front and back of this men's Halloween Boxer and Briefs design. All our men's and women's underwear are all 100% brand new and made just for you. We don't accept returns as these are intimate items that can't be resold or reused once purchased. So, you have a peace of mind while shopping with us. A lot of other big box retailers do accept returns for underwear so it really put consumers at risk. However, you are safe to check out with us as we would never allow/ accept any returns for any of our items. Do keep in mind that there's a production time and shipping time for all our made to order underwear and Halloween goods. So, it may take a couple of business days for both production plus shipping. So, please order at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time if you want to have these items before Halloween. BUY HERE NOW

Halloween pumpkin face undies men underwear sexy funny

Are you the type of men who enjoy dressing up but is less open. These Halloween party desiger men's boxers are designed just for you and only your significant others can see your festive look behind closed doors this Halloween holiday season. BUY HERE NOW

Don't forget to check out the rest of our unique one of a kind fashionable LGBTQ-friendly men's underwear collection here. BUY NOW 


4. Women's Pumpkin Face Winter Boots


Wear these designer pumpkin face designer winter boots and rediscover fun your child-side during your trick or treats with your kids this holiday season. BUY HERE 

5. Men's Halloween Pumpkin Face Winter Boots

halloween mens winter boots pumpkin face

Check out these cool men's Halloween pumpkin face winter boots. We got the same designs as our women's pumpkin face winter boots. It's a perfect mom and dad's matching outfit look this holiday season. Get one for your wife and husband or vice versa now! BUY HERE 

6. Trick or Teach Halloween Pillows

trick or teach pillow

Get this fun "Trick or Teach" Halloween holiday pillow for yourself if you are a teacher. This is a fun kid-friendly designer Halloween pillow for any schools/ kindergarten/ nursery homes. BUY HERE 

7. White Skeleton Halloween Sweatshirt 

skeleton sweatshirt designer

Another holiday special classic Halloween party sweatshirt. Stay warm this holiday season with this designer fun sweatshirt. BUY HERE

8. Women's Casual Leggings

casual leggings halloween bats

Are you a busy mom who's trying to run your kid's Halloween parties and wanted something comfortable to wear this Halloween season while running errands for the party preparation? This casual leggings is perfect for you. BUY HERE

9. Women's Stretchy Halloween Pencil Skirt 

pink bats pencil skirt designer stretchy

These stretchy comfortable bats prints designer pencil skirts are a must have this holiday season. This girlie pink bats design is incredibly feminine and cute for women of most size and shapes. BUY HERE

Last but not least, we advice all our buyers to carefully read our shop policies before purchasing any goods or items.  All mock-ups are for illustrative purposes only. The final product may differ slightly from the screen color from your monitors/ phone screens. We do not offer any refunds/ exchanges/ cancellations/ returns at this shop due to the custom made nature of our premium designer products. All shop policies apply to all listings. Cyber bullying is not going to be tolerated on our site. Please respect yourself and be respectful to our staffs. 

Thanks for reading our blog.

Halloween Season! Is your home or office ready for Halloween celebrations yet?

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We hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween party this 2019. Don't forget to dress up your house with our Halloween party decor and also dress up yourself in our fun Halloween outfits this holiday season! 

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Gay Apparel Our Megging Men's Leggings New Gay Clothing Line Collection- Yoga Pants for Men

Gay Fashion Gay Pride Men's Fashion Men's Hoodies Men's Joggers Men's Leggings Men's Shorts Men's Tank Tops Yoga

Gay Apparel Our Megging Men's Leggings New Gay Clothing Line Collection- Yoga Pants for Men

Gay Apparel Our Megging Men's Leggings New Gay Clothing Line Collection

Yes, we are adding a new gay apparel clothing line to our shop to meet the ever growing demand of the LGBT community. We also realize the increasing need for male/ metrosexual straight/ gay/ bisexual/ queer pride community for creative gay clothing to express their individuality. Our company believes that everyone should have the right to look his/ her best regardless of sexual orientation. Our website/ online shop is the very few shops that include gay/ metro-sexual males to find their voice/ style in their clothing.

Gay Apparel Our Megging Men's Leggings New Gay Clothing Line Collection

We understand that sometimes it could be very embarrassing to walk into a gay clothing shop when you are out shopping. So, we created this online platform eCommerce store for you to purchase your clothing. We are starting with men's leggings, meggings, as this item has growing needs as more men are taking up on yoga and a lot of them have realized the importance of adjoining the mind and the body.

If you are a straight men, we also welcome us to browse our men's leggings too. You can wear a simple boxer on top of your men's leggings. We have a lot of solid dark colored men's leggings that can show your strong calf muscles during your workout. The material is highly breathable and comfortable to wear during the hot and cold seasons.

If you are a gay man, you will love our brightly colored men's leggings, pride outfits, gay fashion. We have a wide range of happy gay men's leggings/ meggings/ leg warmers for your to choose from. You will feel extra pampered and comfortable in these comfortable meggings.

Check out our 11 most popular meggings and make your first purchase today!

 gay apparel gay fashion gay pride meggings black leopard print

Buy this here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-leopard-gray-gay-friendly-yoga-pants

This is a pair of cool black/ dark gray leopard print yoga pants/ men's leggings for your next workout session.

gay apparel gay legging gay pride gay clothing meggings

Buy this here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-leopard-print-sexy-men-tight-gay-friendly-yoga-pants

You will love this pair of men's leggings if you love leopard prints. This is a dark grey/ light gray flattering pair of yoga pants/ leggings.

Buy here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-leopard-sexy-yoga-pants-gay-men-tights

If you are a bold animal lover, you will love this pair of bold leopard orange men's leggings. It's perfect for the Halloween party/ any gay pride party. Wear these pants and gain all the confidence at your local bar/ nightclub/ gym/ exercise class.

tiger stripe mens leggings gay apparel gay tights

Buy here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-hot-gay-men-tights-yoga-pants-gray-black-tiger

This is a cool masculine tiger stripe pattern yoga pants/ men's leggings for your next gym workout.

gay tiger stripe pattern leggings mens apparel gay pridge clothing

Buy here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-gay-men-tights-yoga-pants-comfy

This is another pair of tiger stripe yoga pants to spice up your gym workout session.

black mens legging meggings gay pride apparel dark black gay clothing

SHOP here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-black-solid-color-yoga-pants

If you are looking for a pair of plain black men's leggings. This pair of dark black leggings are perfect for you.

pink neon gay apparel legging mens leggings

Buy here: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/mens-leggings/products/mens-leggings-yoga-pants-solid-color-pink-neon-tights

If you love pink and want a different pair of yoga pants/ meggings? This pair of men's leggings are created just for you.

Gay Apparel Our Megging Men's Leggings New Gay Clothing Line Collection

Comments down below if you have any constructive feedback about this product line and let us know which outfit is your favorite. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletters down below to get up to 10% off your next purchase.




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