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10 Things We Need For Our Daily Yoga Practice Designed in the USA just for you!


ten things you need for your yoga practice

10 Things We Need For Our Daily Yoga Practice Designed in the USA just for you!

Practicing yoga is a wellness routine that you create for yourself. It's for the "yolking" of the body and the mind. Sign up for a yoga class near your local yoga studio or just practice yoga at home at your own pace and schedule. Practice moderate yoga daily starting today and spread the good vibes around in your community today with the following props.

1. A high quality yoga mat

A high quality professional yoga/ fitness mat is always helpful whether you are practicing yoga/ meditating for your daily routine.

2. A nice yoga towel

A nice long yoga towel can be beneficial to your practice for hygiene purpose while containing your sweat and also to improve the tight non-slippery grip of your hands and feet during practice. It's also fun and make your practice unique every single time.

3. A nice sturdy yoga block and a bolster

A nice ergonomic yoga block is always helpful for your yoga practice. Make sure you get a sturdy yoga block to increase your stability. A nice flat bolster or just a pillow/ pillowcase is also very nice for any yin practice for a seating forward fold or any yin posture for your to reach a comfortable edge.

4. A nice sports bra

Check out our cute one of a kind collection of sports fitness bras/ yoga bras that are breathable and stylish for your yoga sessions. We have a series of unique sports bra for your curated selections on this site. Don't forget to check this out.

5. A nice pair of yoga pants

A nice pair of breathable yoga pants can make a big difference to your yoga practice. Make sure you use our brands as most of our yoga pants collections have a dye safety test pass certification from our ink company inspection company in Japan. Nowadays, a lot of companies are not as ethical as you may think as they try to cut costs of production and use carcinogenic dyes onto their pants and jeans. So, come purchase our yoga pants, as your safety comes first to us.

6. A nice water bottle (insulated)

Check out our collection of water bottles. They are perfectly portable and a lot of them are insulated for your cold drinks during the summer and hot drinks during the winter.

7. Sunscreen

If you do practice yoga outdoors. Yoga retreats on tropical islands / on the mountains and paddleboats yoga are very popular in recent years.

8. A nice hair tie 

No messy hair in yoga class. Most yoga girls like to tie their hair in a bun on top of their head so the bun won't bother them while they do their savasana.

9. Shampoos and Bath Soaps and Bath Towels

It's crucial to bring your own shampoos/ bath soap/ bath towels if you studio doesn't provide these things for you. Plus, it's also more hygienic if you bring your own.

10. Face lotion/ sunscreen, and facial cleansers

It's crucial to remember to keep up with your skin care routine after you take a hot shower at the yoga studio.

 There you have it. 10 things you must have for your daily yoga practice. 

yoga mat 10 things you need for your perfect yoga practice routine

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