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Top 3 Must Have Pet Accessories for Any New Dog/ Cat Moms and Dads

Pet Accessories

Top 3 Must Have Pet Accessories for Any New Dog/ Cat Moms and Dads

Welcome to our blog and we are uncovering the top 3 must have pet accessories/ supplies/ items/ gadgets/ toys/ basic pet essentials for any new dog/ cat mom and dads.

Congratulations to you all on your new furry animal as your new addition to your family.

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This blog designed is for anyone who is a huge animal lover like us. You may have just adopted/ fostered a dog from the animal shelter/ animal rescue center in your nearby neighborhood. There is nothing more meaningful than to have a lovely loyal pet that you can come home to daily and sharing time with your dog is highly therapeutic and good for family bonding.


As more and more people are not having children and are delaying marriage in the UK and the USA, more people are taking on getting some cute pets instead. Most people are delaying marriage and put off having children these days. And a lot of companies are even allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. It's very true that people who have dogs/ cats tend to be happier in general.

Do having animals really make your de-stress and become happier? Yes! There's nothing as rewarding as seeing your pet animals when you come home after a long day of work at the office.

Recently, I have been trying to look for a cute puppy at the pet shop. I wasn't just looking for any puppy. I was looking for a puppy that I could bond with. I was looking for a friend/ companion, a family member, and a fluffy cute animal to walk with daily. Also bring a friend who is a dog expert/ dog owner/ dog groomer/ dog trainer with you at the pet shop if you are a new inexperienced dog owner.

(Warning: The following are just general observations and our research on pet animals online and from books we read from the bookstore. There is no concrete solid results and it differs by case by case only as all pet animals are different in terms of temperament, breed, medical history, and size etc... We are by no means licensed medical/ healthcare professionals and we will not be responsible for any damages to your pet at all levels if you used these methods and did/ did not work for your specific pet animal. These are just general suggestions for your reference only.)

I read all about how to pick a puppy from the pet shop/ breeder. I realized all the malpractices within the pet industry and how the pet shops tend to put these cute pet animals in horrific unhygienic conditions in the back alleys and tiny cages/ display boxes. These pet shop tend not to clean the display boxes/ cages well enough and the animals get infected with incurable diseases. It was totally heartbreaking. I also learned about the dog farm in the dog meat industry in Korea when I was googling to find dog rescue groups in Seattle. I was definitely in shock when I learned that a lot of South Koreans are still eating dog meat on a daily basis. And that the dog eating rumor was in fact real.

However, if you want to buy a dog? You can either rescue/ adopt/ buy one from a pet shop? I chose the latter as I wasn't able to find a rescue dog that I wanted at all the dog organizations that was out there.

Since I am a new dog owner and I had some really specific requirements on finding a dog, I couldn't possibly find a dog that rescue dog organizations that could offer me what I needed. I wanted a new born Maltese that is 2-3 months old, a healthy female Maltese Girl that has no tear stains/ skin/ major health issues.

Adopting a dog? Yes, I did go to all the pet organizations and they did not have what I was looking for at all. Most of them in my area don't have smaller size young toy dogs. The dogs that have are mostly highly traumatized, blind, have serious disability such as losing one eye/ ear, and have some serious medical issues such as dog cancer. It also means there will be heavy financial obligations to have to take care of an older struggling animal that is not something I was ready for as a new dog owner. In reality, very few people would actually abandon a pure breed toy dog to the dog rescue organizations and all the dogs that are left have some serious illnesses.

Those cuter smaller toy dogs usually get reserved by those dog rescue volunteers right away. I sent out many emails to those volunteers and never heard back from any of them when it comes to seriously following up with the adoption process and things. I guess they lack the willingness and sense of urgency to help with the adoption process as they are not actually getting paid for it. I waited 6 months and still no reply from any of the email inquiries and zero news. Most dog rescue groups in my current city are poorly run. So, it became clear that it was not the right place for me to find a dog that I was searching for all along.

So, I decided to have to go to a registered breeder and go find a dog that I actually like and that it actually meets all my requirements.

How to find a proper puppy?

You need to find a reliable registered breeder within your local kennel clubs. There is one in London and there is also a Maltese association in the United States where they list all the registered Maltese breeders in the United States. I am a big Maltese fan and I realized that there aren't actually that many Maltese breeders in the United States. Luckily, there were 4 registered Maltese breeders in the Washington State.

I brought my teacher who owned dogs for the past 30 years and she taught me how to pick a puppy. You want to inspect its physical body, look for areas that it may have skin issues/ bald spots/ inflammation. Check their paws, and see if they are strong. Some bigger size dogs tend to have surprisingly thin legs that may signify that they may have knee issues in the future as they age. The size of their feet can also be a very helpful indication of how large they will turn as feet sizes tend not to change as drastically as their other body parts.

Check how they interact with other dogs. Some dogs are natural leaders, in the animal world, dogs are descendants of wolves, we call them "pack leaders", the leaders of the pack. These dogs are more suitable for more experienced dog owners as they may be harder to train for a beginning dog owner. Generally, you want to find a puppy that has a lower energy level than you so you can control it while it is at home and not overpower your presence as it can possibly do some serious property damage in your living space.

You can flip the puppy over to its belly and gently put some light pressure on its throat and see if it struggles and then surrenders to you. If the puppy surrenders, that means it's a good puppy for you. But if it start to get out of control and bite you and turn aggressive, it's not really going to be an easy to train puppy for you. 

You can also try to use a stick/ ruler and try to act as if you are taking the food away from your puppy while it's eating and see if it has guarding issues. This can be important if you have kids in the house as the dog may be dangerous for your young children. If it turns aggressive, then you should be aware. It's funny, the same happens for tigers and other big cats too. You shall never ever disturb an animal while it's hungry and eating.

Social Settings: Even though it's nice to be able to see how dogs interact with one another when they are by themselves, you might try to avoid doing the following. Try not to buy a pet that is being placed with many other dogs in the same display box as there can be a lot of cross-infection from one animal from another if you are in a pet shop.

So, what if you found a pet that you think you can manage to take home and take care of it for the next 15-20 years? It's a huge responsibility in both time commitment, and financial responsibility.

1. Go see a Pet Doctor, with one of the staffs at the pet shop. Most the time, the pet shop will send you one staff to go to the clinic for a general body check up. If you are in Hong Kong, the fee for a the most basic checkup is around US$ 50-60 Only. However, the cost can go up if you want to do more blood work / lab work. I had the same experience where the pet shop refused to let me see the pet doctor unless I put down the full price of the dog in cash. They said that I could just bring the dog to see the pet doctor after I put down all that cash, something like US$ 1,880 without being accompanied by a member of their staff. So, this becomes a big red flag to me as what if they accuse me of damaging the pet animal during the dog visit and refuse the give me the money back since there was not witness? I told my pet doctor about this incident and she asked me not to purchase from that pet shop. As once they suck the money into their cash box, they will not want to ever release/ return all that cash to me again.

2. See if they got the Chip embedded into their body. This is important as the number/ ID of the dog can pull up a lot of history of the dog in terms of health, birth dates and more. If you ever travel with the dog, the customs will also scan the dog and somehow see if it had all the valid shots that are required of the dogs. The customs in Canada/ US are usually very accustomed with pet travel. However, if you are going to countries such as Australia/ Taiwan, their pet travel rules can be very stringent. The dog could get send back to your original countries if it didn't have all the required documentations/ shots. Make sure that your dog is at least 6 months old before you travel with the dog. Traveling with a dog is very expensive so you want to try your best to prevent that.

3. Check if that got all the shoots from their immunization cards. If you live in Hong Kong, there is will be a immunization cards with stickers showing what shots the animals have had. It's a white cardboard stock usually.

4. Check if the dog has a yellow paper that shows its birth mom and dad's ID numbers and a lot of basic information about the dog. Think of it as a birth certificate.

5. Look for the warranty of the dog in case if it got sick from canine influenza, heartworms issues. Some pet shop provide you with 14 days, some give 100 days and they will exchange another animal for you if your pet died due to certain incurable health diseases that it contracted during its stay at the pet shop. However, it's sad to see how pet shops view animals as commodities. A lot of pet shops may back out and refuse to exchange and give you a really hard time.

6. Make sure you research the pet shop thoroughly before making a final purchase at the pet shops. A lot of pet shops out there seem to knowingly sell sick dogs to their customers. Check out the online forums and you can often see a lot of reviews on yelps/ online forums regarding the reputations of the pet shops. Be aware of the fact that a lot of small pet shop chains tend to change its names after they got sued over and over. If you notice this change, this pet shop may be fraudulent and you may waste money on a painful heartbreak over the loss of your lovely pet.



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Hopefully, you enjoyed our general pet advice onto how to pick a puppy and what to look for when purchasing a pet animal. We would like to introduce a series of pet gadgets that we designed for your special fluffy friend at home. We are adding custom options to all our pet products as we realize the importance of customized pet accessories for your pets. You will find one of a kind pet bowls, dog tags, and pet pillows in our shop moving forward.

3 top must have pet supplies/ gadgets/ items/ products for any new dog/ moms.

1. Pet Bowls

If you have a large size dog at home, you will definitely benefit from getting this extra large pet bowl from our design shop. This stylish designer pet bowl is made of ceramic and it's deep for your dog to reach its food during his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It's is 3.5" in height and 7.5" in diameter suitable for any large size dogs.

You have two options for the design of this purple pet bowl. You can either add a custom name or not add a custom name for this pet bowl. Simply follow these steps to order your custom name pet bowl for your fluffy friend at home.

Please complete this purchase first, contact us here with your order number and add a "pet name" you like to add for your order and we will send you a quick mock up image to verify and confirm the custom pet name via email before we submit the order to our manufacturer. (BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/custom-or-regular-pets-extra-large-bowl-for-your-dogs)

tiger stripe large dog custom pet bowl

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/custom-or-regular-pets-extra-large-bowl-for-your-dogs)

tiger striped custom dog bowl

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/custom-or-regular-pets-extra-large-bowl-for-your-dogs)

Pet Bowl

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/custom-or-regular-pets-extra-large-bowl-for-your-dogs)

2. Dog Tags/ Dog Tag Necklace

Did you know that a personalized dog tag/ dog tag necklace was originally designed to be an identification tag worn by military dogs? 

If you have a dog/ little puppy at home that you need to walk twice/ at least once a day before or after work, this dog tag is an essential for your dog/ lovely puppy. Dress up your pet animals today with this dog tag pet jewelry. Designed and Made in the USA. Allow some one else to reach you for your lost pet more easily today when you purchase this dog tag. Customize and use a sharpie black pen to write on this dog tag to customize anything you wish to add on this dog tag.

Examples can include, your pet's basic name in the front, and you can add your email address/ phone number at the back of your dog tag as your pet dog's simple ID tag.

This is a fun and lovely every day dog pet accessories essential for your every day dog walk.

Check out our sizing chart for these cute dog tags/ dog IDs.

One Size
Height , in 1.96
Width, in 1.18
Chain length, in 15

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories) Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)

Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)

Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)

Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)

Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)

Dog tag dog tag necklace id

(BUY HERE: https://heidikimurart.com/collections/pet-accessories/products/dog-tag)




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Disclaimer: While we make sure to provide fun content on this blog, we are not a professional and are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur in connection any information contained here. These topics or opinions do not represent our company's stance. These blogs contain affiliations to promote our products. You read our blog at your own risks and you need to consult a professional if you need professional help.



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Top 3 Must Have Pet Accessories for Any New Dog/ Cat Moms and Dads






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