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Updates - Summer Pillows for Your Next Home Yin Yoga Routine? Yogini's MUST HAVES!

Pillows Yoga

Updates - Summer Pillows for Your Next Home Yin Yoga Routine? Yogini's MUST HAVES!

throw pillow for yin yogaAbout Yin Yoga and our love for bolsters and pillows to find your edge for support?

Time to strength your body's alignment with these cute floral-themed pillows.

Love yin yoga but don't want to go to a yoga studio? 

Don't you just love doing a yin yoga session after a hot sweaty yoga class?

Get these cute girlie floral pillows and enjoy your at home yin yoga with the comfort of your own home today!

You can do a seated forward fold or a back bend on your yoga mat with these floral pillows.

Don't forget to check out these designer leggings and yoga sports bra for your yoga practice today.

Attention Cool Girls and Boys!

We just updated our pillow selections. A lot of these pillows are print on demand, made to order designer pillows and pillow case covers for your living space/ bedroom/ office space. Get a set of these pillows and brighten up your own home today! All of these pillows are brand new, and made to order from the USA and we offer worldwide international shipping. If you live in/ outside of the United States, you are still being covered. We have got customers all over the world including Europe, China, the Middle East, and more! Don't you worry! Our shipping times varies by products but our shipping rates are "weight-based" which means, the more you order as a single transaction, the more money you will save on shipping whether it is international or domestic shipping.

We have a wide range of colors and selections for your home/ office space this season. These designed are one of a kind, created by us and designed and made just for you.

Click here to learn more!

Hurry up and Click on each image to checkout while our limited supplies last today!

throw pillow

cute pillow

cute yellow floral pillow

cute purple floral pillow

heidi kimura art L.L.C.

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