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Brand Ambassador Program

The Heidikimurart Brand Ambassador Program is designed to create, foster, and grow a global fitness artistic community of sports lovers and stylish beautiful people. We wish to use our high art and designer apparel and home decor to enrich people's lives with the intention to create more awareness of health, mindfulness/ wellness, and fitness.

Who are we looking for?

Any passionate fitness/ yoga/ pilates lovers, certified yoga/ pilates/ HIIT/ martial arts (Thai Boxing, UFC fighters, mixed martial arts) fitness instructors/ teachers, personal trainers, powerful beauty/ bridal/ wedding planners/ lifestyle fashion bloggers, who are expert at social media marketing to create strong engagements and tight-knit wellness and health communities.

As a Heidikimurart Brand Ambassador, you are an invaluable part of the global #heidikimurart yoga/ fitness/ bridal/ lifestyle community who believe in our company's mission and vision. You will share your involvement with your fitness/ yoga/ pilates/ gym/ bridal/ wellness community on your social media and use/ wear our products in your every day life.


  • If you are being selected, you will receive a special discount for up to 10% off or more on our selected designer premium quality product collections. And in turn, you will create multiple social media posts with our products by wearing/ displaying them and tagging us on your social media accounts. We will then track your sales you help us generate and the more you can help us create sales and add value for our customers, the more discount you will receive.
  • You are expected to tag us with the hashtag #heidikimurart/ @heidikimurart on every social media post, and we will tag you back and re-post your Instagram accounts or posts and help you to grow your expanding and online social media presence as well.

If you are interested, please send us an email to info@heidikimurart.com or fill out this form with the subject line, "Ambassador Application".

Please include the following:

1. Brief story about yourself and your yoga/ fitness/ wellness/ wedding planning journey

2. Where you are from?

3. Links to your Instagram, Facebook Page Accounts, Wordpress Blogs, YouTube Channels

4. Email us your certified yoga instructor's certificate/ personal trainer's certificate and your pay stub from your local gym/ yoga studio as employment proof. Or if you are a wedding planner, a pay stub as proof from your wedding planning company.

5. Email us your fitness class schedules for your students if you are a yoga/ fitness trainer.

**The more accurate and thorough information you can provide for us, the more likely your application will be selected. You will automatically comply with our privacy agreement for us to keep and use your confidential information upon the submission of your application.

**Please note that it is mandatory for you to have an Instagram account, YouTube Channel, or a WordPress blog in order to work with us. Instagram/ YouTube/ Facebook Page influencers who have of a min. of 10k-20k followers will be given a stronger priority.

Once your application is received, we will be in touch with you shortly if we wish to pursue with your application.

Yoga ambassador program influencers yoga teacher gym teacher

Thank you for applying. Good luck with your application!