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How many discount or promotion codes can I apply to my order?
We only accept one discount code per order for each customer at this time. Terms and Conditions May Apply based on the time of the promotion.

How do I apply a coupon code?
To apply a discount code, please enter the coupon code in the coupon code field on the My Cart page during the checkout process. Promotion codes are mostly not case sensitive.

Why can’t I apply my discount code?
We apologize for any trouble you may have experienced in trying to apply a promotion code during your checkout. Your promotion code may not be working because of the following reasons.

  • Your requirements have not been met for the special promotion offer
  • The items in your order are not included in the special offer
  • Your promo codes already expired

I forgot to use coupon code with an order I just placed on your website. Can I apply it to my existing order after my purchased is completed from your end?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept or apply promotion codes to orders that have already been placed. But you may still be able to use the promo code if you make a separate new purchase on another order if you still want to use your promo code if your code has not expired yet.

My promotion code or store credit had expired and I forgot to use it, can you still send me another discount code or store credit?
Unfortunately, we are unable to give you another promo code if it already expired and you did not use while the code was active. But you are still getting a really good offer on our original price items as we are here to give you the most competitive pricing for the premium products you are already enjoying. You can still subscribe for our newsletters and we do occasionally give out special discount codes from time to time but it's not guaranteed.