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Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir, A Former Ballerina Turned Aerial Yoga & Pilates Teacher in Dubai

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Yoga Teacher Spotlight of the Day!

Come Meet Ms. Dina Cassir...

A Dubai-based Aerial Yoga & Pilates Teacher!!

A Former Ballerina Turned Aerial Yoga & Pilates Teacher in Dubai From Lebanon. Find Dina Cassir if you are looking for Dubai's Best Aerial  Yoga or Pilates Teacher! Do you live in Dubai and you also love to do Pilates and practice Yoga? Have you always wanted to live a more active and healthier lifestyle? Dina may be able to help you in your fitness journey. Dina is a happy and experienced Lebanese Aerial Yoga & Pilates Teacher From Dubai who can be a perfect fitness trainer for you if you are in Dubai for study, business or travel.

registered yoga teacher 200 hour badge

Yoga | Pilates | Aerial Fitness Instructor
Instagram | Facebook @dinacassirkfoury

A Quick Introduction...

For the past 18 years, Dina has been practicing yoga with a strong focus on Vinyasa Flow, Pilates Fusion and Aerial Yoga. She was a former ballerina growing up and she is now an avid runner in her free time.

Dina is a friendly and uplifting Dubai-based Yoga Teacher and she also is a devoted yoga student when she's not teaching yoga. She loves to practice gratitude and she admits that she is a happy wife, and also a very blessed and proud mother of two wonderful boys.

Through teaching various styles of yoga such as aerial yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa flow yoga in Dubai, Dina is very passionate about sharing her love for yoga and wellness with her fitness community. Dina currently teaches regular yoga classes, as well as Vinyasa flow, Yoga/ Pilates fusion classes, and Aerial hammock classes in Dubai at many different studios. (Please see the details of the studio locations at the bottom of the blog post.)

Dina Cassir Yoga Teacher Interview


(Photo credit: Dina Cassir)

Introducing Ms. Dina Cassir! 

How did we meet Dina?

We met Dina on Instagram and she is a professional yoga and Pilates teacher in Dubai. Not only is Dina a successful aerial yoga and Pilates teacher, she's also a lovely mother of 2 boys. Currently she is a massively successful Instagram Influencer with over highly engaged 14.3k Instagram followers on her Instagram account. In addition, Dina is also very active on many other social media platforms such as her Facebook page and she gives a lot of updates related to her upcoming classes.

ntroducing Ms. Dina Cassir!   We met Dina on Instagram and she is a professional yoga teacher in Duabi. Not only is Dina an aerial yoga and pilates teacher, she's also a mom of 2 boys and massively successful Instagram Influencer with over highly engaged 14.3k Instagram followers on her Instagram account and is also active on many other social media platforms.

(Instagram: @dinacassirkfoury)

Dina shares many of her teaching tips, class updates, and yoga tutorials on her Instagram page. Lately, she's been offering to teach live free online classes for those who wish to practice yoga/ workout at home. Donations are welcome. So feel free to DM her on Instagram or Facebook if you are interested in learning more about her online and offline yoga classes.


Are you looking to workout at home or are you looking for a new yoga teacher if you are in Dubai? If so, Ms. Dina is an amazing yoga/ Pilates teacher for you. She teaches at various yoga studios, gyms and even online. Check out her schedule at the links below if you would like to try out/ enroll in Dina's yoga or Pilates whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi. 

Dina also offers group and private yoga classes. Check out her classes here.



urbanyogadubai yoga live class online sessions classes

(Instagram: @urbanyogadubai)

Dina also regularly updates her teaching schedule on her Facebook Page.

facebook dina cassir online classes schedule

(Facebook: @dinacassirkfoury)

dina cassir dubai best yoga pilates aerial teacher instructor .png

Yoga Teacher/ Fitness Instructor - Meet and Greet Q/A Interview

Date: March 19, 2020

Interview Featuring Ms. Dana Cassir

Q: When and what brought you to sign up for your first yoga/ fitness class?
A: I took my first yoga class back in 2002. I was fascinated by my language teacher back then who was a yoga teacher herself, and she always looked so zen, peaceful and smiley regardless of what was happening around, and I just wanted to be like her!

Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir
(Photo Credit: Dina Cassir)

Q: Describe your personality in 5 words.
A: Active, energetic, smiley, crazy, positive.

Q: Where are you from and what kind of yoga or fitness classes do you offer?
A: I’m originally Lebanese, living in Dubai since 2006 and teaching Vinyasa flow, Yoga/ Pilates fusion classes, and Aerial hammock across various studios in the city.

Q: How long have you been practicing yoga/ exercising and why did you decide to teach yoga/ fitness classes?
A: I’ve been practicing yoga for 18 years now, Aerial hammock for 10 years and Pilates for 3 years. I decided to teach yoga because somehow I was never happy being in the corporate world, it never suited my personality and I wanted to pursue something that feels authentic to me, so made the shift in 2011. Gradually I started adding certifications to my CV and today I’m teaching yoga, Pilates and Aerial simultaneously - never been happier :)

Q: What was the first type of sport/ physical exercise that you truly enjoyed growing up as a child?
A: I used to dance ballet as a child, up until my early teenage years, then started trying various types of sports until I found Yoga.

Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir
(Photo Credit: Dina Cassir)

Q: What’s your teaching style? What style of yoga/ fitness classes do you enjoy and teach? What makes a good yoga or fitness trainer?
A: I teach flow classes. I just love moving meditation practices and I think what makes a good fitness or yoga teacher is when teaching comes from the heart, you will attract people who share the same kind of personal preference. As they say “your vibes attract your tribe”.

Q: How often do you practice yoga/ exercise and how often do you recommend your students to practice yoga or exercise?
A: I practice yoga/ Pilates 6 days a week and I also run 4-5 times a week. I recommend people to have at least 3 times a week of regular exercise routine, it doesn’t matter what they choose to do as long as they are moving.

Q: What is your favorite mantra or your Yama and Niyama from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras? 
A: My Favorite mantra is: I’m grateful. As for Yamas - Ahimsa (non-violence) is very important to me and I've been doing my best to instill the practice of Ahimsa in my kids specially when we live in a world where violence seems to have become a normal daily life thing! Santosha is my favorite of the Niyamas, practicing being content and grateful for all what life has given me so far and what’s yet to be given in the future.

Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir
(Photo Credit: Dina Cassir)

Q: Who are your favorite yoga teachers/ athletes that inspired you early on in your yoga/ fitness journey and why?
A: My favorite teachers are the ones I've studied with so far, but the ones who deeply impacted my journey are: My first ever teacher - Angela who passed away a couple of years ago. Her beautiful peaceful face and soul where the reason I wanted to take up yoga classes. My second teacher and mentor - Nima - who helped me deepen my asana and philosophy practice, and Julie Martin - who was the motivation behind me teaching a very liberated and free flowing style of Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir
(Photo Credit: Dina Cassir)

Q: What is the most challenging part about being a yoga/ fitness teacher during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic season? How do you think the global yoga or fitness industry should evolve with technology? Do you see self-promotion on social media as an effective way of gaining students/ private clients?
A: The COVID-19 hit every single person hard and we are all losing here. The majority of Yoga and fitness teachers are freelancers. We only get paid when we show up and teach classes. Now that we’re all in isolation, every one is losing BUT, I feel I have a duty towards the community, and I’ve started offering Free live classes on IG, and those who’d like to offer donations, they can do so online but it’s completely up to them. Self promotion on social media is a good way to gain more clients as we need to keep the source of income alive!

Q: What is your favorite yoga pose/ fitness workout?
A: My favorite pose is Kamatkarasana or wild thing pose. Those who practice with me know it’s there in every single class :)

Q: What’s your favorite morning and night-time self-care/ beauty or wellness routine?
A: I have a morning self care routine of waking up before everyone in the house, have my coffee in peace and quiet before going in the outdoors for a run or even a walk sometimes, followed by a few minutes of meditation. On days where I have early morning work, I take the outdoor time to midday or evening sometimes.

Q: Do you have any upcoming workshops such as retreats/ corporate training, online classes, or current projects you would like to share with us?
A: I have a new set of online classes that have been recorded and still in production phase, so stay tuned!

Yoga Teacher Meet & Greet Interview With Ms. Dina Cassir
(Photo Credit: Dina Cassir)

Q: Feel free to share and list your professional credentials here.
Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Vinyasa Flow Teacher
Aerial Yoga Certified Teacher
Mat & Reformer Teacher

Q: So, where and how can we find you or enroll in your classes?

A: I’m based in Dubai - UAE and you can practice with me at @urbanyogadubai / @yogalavie / @karmayogadubai / Studiorepublik-ae / @shimis.dubai

    Last but Not Least...


    Dina Cassir Yoga Teacher Interview

    (Photo credit: Dina Cassir)

    Follow Dina here:

    Instagram: @yogi.dee, @waqty.fitness, and @lilyfit.fitness

    Facebook: @dinacassirkfoury 

    Websites of Dina's Affiliated Yoga Studios/ Gyms: 

    3701 Aspect Tower, Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai
    Phone: 04 369 7882
    Email: yoga@urbanyoga.ae
    urban yoga dubai
    Golden Mile, Galleria 2, Building 10, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
    Phone: +971 4 4477087
    Email: info@yogalaviedubai.com
    yoga studio dubai
    (Source: https://www.yogalaviedubai.com/)




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