About Our Design Studio in Spokane, Washington and on our journey on how we got started on Ecommerce.

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how to use social media to drive website traffic to your ecommerce shop?

About Our Design Studio in Spokane, Washington and on our journey on how we got started on Ecommerce.

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Spokane is a beautiful small city outside of Seattle and it is very peaceful and simple living in Spokane. Since we are also big coffee drinkers here, downtown Spokane gives us plenty of coffee shop options and we simply enjoy our lifestyle in Spokane. The weather here is extremely hot and dry so it's always nice to get a couple of humidifiers to balance the humidity levels. The UV rays from the sun is also extremely strong in Spokane, so it's necessary to put on more sunscreen and wear sunglasses while driving in Spokane more so than Seattle. We do get a lot of sun in Spokane and we were able to escape from the darkness/ gloomy weather in Seattle.

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You can have lots of scenic drives in Spokane and that's what we love about being in Spokane, Washington where we can find peace. People in Spokane are very friendly and kind for the most part and the quality of the farm produce is exceptional as we are surrounded lots of local farms such as Green Bluffs in Spokane.

spokane washington

So, let's get back to our company and how we got started in Spokane.

We are designers and tech savvy computer scientists who moved from New York City, to Seattle, then to Spokane where we can start our fashion pattern design company at on a budget and live a slower pace live here.

How do we use social media to drive more website traffic to our ecommerce shop?

Consistency is key here...

Simply with consistent daily efforts in posting on instagram, facebook, twitter, and with our blog.

About our company:

We started our company a long time ago with a single Facebook Page with a handful of followers. With a little bit of social media tactics, we are able to slowly grow our Facebook following since around 2010 very slowly. Our facebook started out as a drawing/ illustration art fan page that had not been monetized and we slowly gained dynamic and had a huge following. Then, we started on instagram a few years later and got a huge following of devoted fashion illustration art fans for our original content. We realized that in order to earn a loyal following, we need to invoke people's emotions. We have also had been blogging since the birth of xanga.com. We are aware of the power of a blog and how it has the ability to drive tons of traffic onto a product listing/ any links or website. We then started our first ecommerce business on etsy.com in Seattle in 2004, we struggled to figure out what kind of products could sell. We stopped selling our handmade products for a while and then we resumed our Etsy shop back in 2017 and started to sell some digital download of digital artworks and coloring pages. Business was also very slow and we realized that our long hours on etsy.com creating different listings was not really paying off with such huge competition on etsy where the market was already so saturated. We then, started to sell t-shirts on amazon merch, redbubble, society 6 also but it also was not really paying off for us. We realized that we did not actually own our customers on those platforms and the sales were not enough to sustain our business. We then discovered shopify and created this shop where we can build a strong email list and create a loyal customer base on shopify instead and take the power back to our hands. We moved our studio from Seattle to Spokane because it is a lot more affordable and peaceful to create an online business. We will also be sharing our thoughts about Spokane, Washington to all our you here as well. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list at the link below for 10% off your next purchase. Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on instagram.

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