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Yoga Journal: Slow Down, Unwind, Put Your Heart Onto Living Your Life With More Care


Yoga Journal: Slow Down, Unwind, Put Your Heart Onto Living Your Life With More Care

Today's Yoga Journal on why we are here?

Went to a yoga class today and we were exploring the topic on "Why Are We Here?" with meditation. Why do we have the arms and legs that we have? Why do we have the mind and body we have? It's all about doing things with a purpose. God created us with a purpose and He gave us all these tools to attain our goal. We need arms to carry our books and laptops to carry out work for a project. We need legs to walk towards the goal at each stage in life. Practicing yoga is a process of blending the mind with the body and carry out the movement with each inhale and exhale. If you want to remember one thing after this yoga class, you probably should remember how to breath in and out slowly on the count of 3, 2, and 1. It's important to go to your yoga classes daily as a basic self-care routine. We are here and we exist because we are exactly where we need to be at right now. We all have a purpose in this life and we need to find our way to get there. Getting up early, eating healthy, and exercising & meditating first thing in the morning is key to your success to jump-start your day. (Click on the image if you want to buy this yoga art print)

We did the sun salutation sequences very quickly and the teacher was counting 3,2,1... onto each downward dog, each chatarunga, each upward-facing dog..etc. Sometimes, we may rush through the sequence and do each pose rather mindlessly when we are working on the same things over and over again. It applies to our every day life too. Why not put more thought and heart onto doing things with more care and attention to detail. 

Spread your fingers wide while you are doing your downward facing dog pose on your yoga mat and put the knuckles to the mat and lift your hips high. When you are doing your upward facing dog, try to hold your pose as long as you can and stretch your spine and press the backs of your toes down. When you are doing your chatarunga, make sure your shoulders are back, your head is lifted and your elbows are in and not bending outwards. 
(Remark: These are just general recommendations/ yoga cues on the practice of yoga: Make sure you are doing yoga safely whether you are at your yoga studio/ gym/ at home. Because we are not your healthcare provider and we do not know about the specific conditions of your body/ health, we are not going to be responsible for any of your injury that may occur during your practice. You can practice yoga at your own risk within your specific limitations of your body.)

Sometimes, we lack the patience to perform each task with utmost detail. It could be as simple as every day mundane tasks of folding your laundry, or brushing your teeth, or sweeping the floors. So, it's something we need to improve upon. Why not spend more time and do things more slowly and add more effort onto it. You will see the difference very quickly.

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It's important to exercise daily and keep up your health/ wellness regime. Yoga can be very healing for your mind and body. Spread some good vibes around you after a good yoga class. The world becomes a better place after a nice hot yoga class.

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