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Wholesale Program

Are you a major retailer or a yoga studio or fitness gym owner who's looking to add fitness/ fashion apparel or home decor products at your facilities to increase traffic to your shops/ malls/ gyms/ studios?

The Heidikimurart Wholesale Program focuses on partnering with major retailers or fitness/ yoga studios that offer yoga, pilates, dance, and fitness training. We look for partners who share our same passion for creating products and services that add amazing value in the fitness and mindfulness community.


These company partnerships are strategically implemented to allow Heidikimurart's products to feature in retail shops, gym and studios worldwide. We like to allow our customers to easily shop for our high quality apparel/ home decor products.

If you would like our wholesale Heidikimurart products, please enter your information using our online form below.

heidikimurart wholesale program retailers yoga gyms fitness studios

If you would like to learn more about partnering with us, you can also email us at info@heidikimurart.com for more information.

Thank you!