How To Spot A Bad Boss At Your First Job Interview? Big Red Flags To Watch Out For!

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How To Spot A Bad Boss At Your First Job Interview? Many Big Red Flags To Watch Out For!

This is a wellness and motivational corporate workplace wellness blog for those of you who are struggling to look for a job right out of college/ graduation school/ or after you got laid off/ terminated from a previous position. What to do when times are rough? I know you must be stressed out with how to pay off your student loans after college? Or you have a family emergency that needs financial support? We all know that we all need to save up for a lot of money just to survive, at least 10% of money for all sorts of emergencies that life can throw at us consistently from time to time...

A lot of people feel the urge to just take on any job after they quit a bad job. But it's usually a very bad idea to rush into another job without acting carefully. Maybe you have a really bad toxic boss, or gossipy work environment that is very hard to take. We all know that work is hard and we need to deal with many difficult people/ situations daily. Stress can really build up over time. Sometimes, it is better for you to quit a bad job when you find your health is declining or when your boss/ colleagues are cancerous.

You may find your immune system weakening as you catch that flu/ serious cold at work from your colleague from time to time. Sometimes, you may not even want to call in "sick" as you don't want to get fired by your boss. Heading to work sick is detrimental for your work performance and for those around you. A bad job environment can possibly cause cancerous cells to build up in your mind and body, so you need to pay special attention to your health and wellness. Usually, you can already spot a bad boss before you begin a job that turn out to be really terrible from the very start. And then, you wish you read this article before all the hellish incidents occur when you get a boss from hell.

Maybe we should all call it a blessing in disguise when you get rejected by a really horrible position/ rude recruiter. Starting a bad job can put you back in an even worse position than you first started. It's a harsh reality that a lot of corporations/ small companies just hire and fire very easily. And you may find yourself in a job search situation again if you did not notice the red flags during a bad job interview. Don't just ignore the red flags and do address them and always listen to your gut/ intuition during the interview.

Listen to their tone voice, pay attention to their body languages. Look for the red flags.

Did they seem sincere? 

Were they kind and approachable? 

Were they criticizing at every sentence you have to say?

Were they interrupting you every time you try to say something?

Were they engaged or disinterested in the conversation?

Were they late? If so, did it go pass 1-2 hours?

Did they apologize for their lateness?

Did they forget your job interview?

Did they even show up for the job interview?

Did they tear your resume apart after your job interview in front of you? Did they reject you right in your face at that job interview? 

Did they give you their business cards?

Did they raise their voice and yell at you? 

Did they undermine your ability/ self-worth?

Did they make you feel "less-than" or inferior?

Did they badmouth their existing or previous coworkers/ boss or say anything bad about their projects or clients?

Did they ask you personal questions that's illegal to ask for during the interview?

Did they ask about your marital status? Did they say anything that offends your race/ ethic groups?

Do you think they were discriminating against minorities?

Did they tell you they won't hire a pregnant woman?

Did they ask you if you are planning on getting pregnant?

Did they ask you about your religion/ political affiliations? In some countries, these questions are illegal to ask or say during a job interview.

Were they physically touching you inappropriately and that you felt uncomfortable?

Did they cuss at you?

Did they tell you you look fat?

Did they rush your questions?

Did they ramble on and go into great detail about their own personal lives such as their recent girlfriends they were seeing or their ex-wives or recent divorce that was irrelevant to your job position?

Did they tell you that you are very beautiful or physically attractive if your looks should not be a determining factor/ requirement for the corporate position you were interviewing for in the job listing?

Did they give you a weak handshake?

Did they give you a distant mean look?

Did they say that their office doesn't offer or encourage any career development and that your career growth is not valued at their firm?

Did they seem to enjoy their work?

Were they consumed by negativity?

Did they say that they already know everything about your ever changing industry/ profession and therefore they do not need any continuing education to stay updated?

Did they seem to have a big ego?

Did they seem very arrogant?

Did they seem pushy?

Did they seem like a bully exerting their dominance against you?

If your interviewer did any of those things, it's already considered as a bad interview and they can haunt or possible ruin your future career. You can consider to continue to observe or run like wind as needed. Always listen to your gut feeling. Only you know yourself best, and no one else can make the decision for you.

At the end of the day, the interview is also called "inter-view", it means a mutual conversation between both the 2 parties, "the interviewers", and "the interviewee".

If you feel disrespected in any way, even the same treatment when you get the job also. If they can swear at you during the interview, you can also expect them to cuss at you and repeat that behavioral pattern during work when you get hired. Ask yourself if this is the kind of work environment you want to work at at the end of the day? If it's not, then it's better to move on than to extend your welcome at that company.

Just as the famous Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes says, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission".

It's quite true, it's important to set your boundaries, and if you no longer feel comfortable in a conversation, you can totally just close the conversation and move on with your life and never look back. As for the breakdown of the conversation, it's always almost better and easier to let the interviewer talk for 80-90% of the time. People usually like to talk about themselves, but be careful not to interrogate the interviewer because some rather crazy interviewers can get really easily offended. 

What to do when an interview really does go south in the end?

If you feel very disrespected by the interviewer after they raised all the big red flags as discussed above, you can simply kindly close out the interview and carefully exit the conversation and possibly run for your life. Thank them for their time and move on. Always act professional and never lose your cool and professionalism. Some workplaces are simply toxic and it's also funny how some recruiters have no filters. It's better to just permanently close that door and move on with your life. 

Corporate Psychopaths, Workplace Bullying

There are many corporate psychopaths and office bullies in the workplace, they are usually very successful with their own careers who really know how to bully in packs and flatter their bosses. They are like the popular kids in high school. You see all these corporate psychopaths flourishing in the corporate world and they abusive their power while backstabbing their colleagues to get ahead in life. They are like cold-blooded reptiles and have no empathy or feelings. These office bullies are secretly deeply insecure about themselves and would do whatever to attain their goals in order while climbing the corporate ladder. These toxic people usually also like to say, "We are very straightforward people, and we will tell you right at your face if we don't like you." It's often very irrational and remember, you can't control them but you can control how you react to it.

Don't drop them to their level and keep your inner peace. These office rats are everywhere as they could be just as easy to find as those random crazy people on the street. Normal sane people don't just abuse and want to destroy other human beings. They must be hating on their jobs and therefore they are in deep pain and want to ruin your day too. Just ignore them. It doesn't matter. There's no point of having them yell/ scream/ spit and disrespect you if they are not even going to give you that job that you thought you wanted. There's not a chance that they will give you good opportunities for any form of career growth/ development where your unique skills can't be fully realized or utilized.

At the end of the day, the world is a big and abundant place full of unlimited potential and possibilities, so why bother hang onto that bad job/ interview that wasted your time and energy? Don't be reactive to their rudeness and keep searching for the next big opportunity. Maybe it's time to self-reflect onto what you really want in your next position or simply contemplate if you like to start your own business? What's your passion? What do you really want for your life? Start fresh, grab a piece of paper and write down your strength and start forming a vision board and a goal and road map for the next bright chapter of your life.

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